Solo Ganesh Geymeier

the idea of doing a solo came to me quite a long time ago while trying to be perfect and because of that, nothing came out. Now that Mistakes are part of the process, i can finally release some of my solo work. This is the result of some work in my room and travels.



Very happy to be part of the 2018 swiss music price awardees.

Swissmusicprice - Ganesh geymeier solo - 2018

on thursday the 13th of september. I received my swiss music price award and played one song for the ceremony live on "la puce à l'oreille"

la puce à l'oreille - Ganesh geymeier solo - 2018

summer 2016, i was walking in the zanskar with my wife and we had the chance to meet with buddhist monks in lingshed monastery. Here's a small video i did with them.

zanskar - Ganesh geymeier solo - 2018

This is song that is a traditional balkan song, from the romanian people. It is sang on the day of the saint-georges signaling the beginning of the spring.

It has always been a very powerful melody. I feel a strong story behind it and I am surely not the only one.

Ederlezi - Ganesh geymeier solo - 2018

I have been working with these village people from eastern Cape south africa since 2014. this encounter led us to record some songs of them with me. It was an amazing experience to play with those beautiful people that didn't consider themselves as musicians, the way we could think of back in europe. the mixture between their voices and my saxophone came out the way i had it in my had since 2014. 3 years later i am very proud to present my work to you.

IRobhane - project vulindlela - South Africa 2017